As luck would have it, now - more than ever - there are countless avenues to tell our clients’ stories. From 280-character Tweets to in-depth spreads in the Wall Street Journal, we’ve been there, done that and have the news clippings to prove it. 


We partner with our Raleigh-area clients to identify key audiences, refine messaging, and then shout it from the rooftops. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking, crafting impactful content and being frighteningly organized. From small, start-up companies to large, complex organizations, Oak & State can support a wide variety of communications and public relations functions. Plus, we have a pretty good time doing it.


Not everyone has the budget for a big PR agency. But every business deserves a strategic partner who can step in and support their communications needs – from a one-time project to a long-term strategic partnership. And that’s what we offer at Oak & State.

At Oak & State, we want our clients to feel like we are a true part of their team. (For real, we are down for any and all company holiday parties!)

Sound good to you? Drop us a line today and let’s talk!


“One word comes to mind when describing Caroline…. Brilliance! She is incredibly professional, highly intelligent and works with an unmatched pace. The quality, efficiency and passion she provides has been way beyond our expectations. She has gone to tremendous lengths to understand our industry and provide us with exceptional content which will be valued for many years ahead.”

– Dustin Alipour, president and CEO, Carolina Senior Marketing 

  • We hired an awesome new writer, but they can’t start for three months… and we’re slammed! Can you fill in?

  • Our amazing senior account executive is on maternity leave, and while we’re counting the minutes until she returns, we need someone who can quickly get up-to-speed on her accounts and help with some client work. You interested?

  • Our company recently acquired another business and we need someone to create some internal communications documents to ensure the transition process runs smoothly. Can you do that?

  • We worked with one of the larger PR agencies and I just didn’t feel like they were invested in my business – especially compared to their larger accounts. I want someone who is as committed to this as we are. Can you do that?

These are all conversations we’ve had with clients. And our answers were: Yes! Of course. Would love to help. Absolutely! (In that order.)

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